Heeeeeeyyyyyy Guys! First and foremost, i'm glad you're here! Its a pleasure to meet you! 

I'm Alicia Denise, Also known as the Mommy HussleRR. That Name speaks for its self once you actually get to know me. Im a Mom of two and a HussleRR basically. I was freed from slavery (my 9-5) about two years ago to become a full time entrepreneur! I'M MY OWN BOSS BIIHHHH! I Own a trucking company, Digital Agency, Invest in real estate and whatever else that makes dollars make sense to me! My ultimate life career goal is to be a BOMB life/business coach and spread my love, positive vibez and amazing energy to the world, while also helping my people become financially free! 

Love Always, 

Alicia Denise "The Mommy Hussle"