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Heeeeeeyyyyyy Guys! First and foremost, i'm glad you're here! Its a pleasure to meet you! 

I'm Alicia Denise, Also known as the Mommy HussleRR. That Name speaks for its self once you actually get to know me. Im a Mom of two and a HussleRR basically. I was freed from slavery (my 9-5) about two years ago to become a full time entrepreneur! I'M MY OWN BOSS BIIHHHH! I Own a trucking company, Digital Agency, Invest in real estate and whatever else that makes dollars make sense to me! My ultimate life career goal is to be a BOMB life/business coach and spread my love, positive vibez and amazing energy to the world, while also helping my people become financially free! 

Love Always, 

Alicia Denise "The Mommy Hussle"

Alicia Denise: Meet the Team
Alicia Denise: Instagram
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